Yunel Escobar Suspended For Gay Slur
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Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar makes headlines for his controversial phrase written on his eye-black during a game.


(Image:  flickr )   BY MEGAN RICE   Three short words for a three-game long game suspension for Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar.   The phrase written in Spanish on Escobar’s eye-black in a game against the Red Sox on September 15th can be translated as “you are a f*****.” Which was pointed out by a Jays fan through this flickr image .   Escobar apologized in a press conference Tuesday saying, “It was not something I intended to be offensive.” Sportsnet has the rest .   “It’s something that has been said around amongst Latinos, it is not something that is meant to be offensive... It’s a word without a meaning in the way he had used it.”   While Escobar feels the phrase is lost in translation... one Tao of Stieb blogger seems to disagree.   “ outsiders to the culture and language, can't accurately understand the context, meaning or nuance of the term, or how commonly it is used within certain Spanish-speaking cultures. As someone who is bilingual, I find that argument a tad convenient and unconvincing.”   Lately, Escobar has played average at best, batting just .251 this season, and ESPN says his attitude plays even worse.   “...the Atlanta Braves traded him away to get Alex Gonzalez, a shortstop, who is five years older. I have talked to some with the Brave’s organization and they really had questions about his attitude...”   Along with Escobar’s 3-game suspension he will donate his salary lost and some of his time during the suspension to You Can Play and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.