Your Best Body Workout Plan - Week 2
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Description Week 2 Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult. Perform this routine 2x a week on nonconsecutive days.


[Music Playing] Sarah: Hi everyone, welcome to week number two of our six-week slim down series. I am Sarah your host joined by Stephen Cabral biotransformation expert. So, last week we showed you three moves and now we are going to be progressing them to make them a little bit harder for more of a challenge. Stephen: We started with the shoulder press last week, so let us just demonstrate how we did the shoulder press last week. We will push up on the shoulders, knees slightly bent pressing directly overhead. So you breath in and a way down, all and a way up. Now this week, what we are going to do is add a squat. You got to squat down and then press up overhead so now we start with the lower body into it, we are definitely going to hit more muscle fiber. Definitely we are going to burn more body fat right here. [Demo] Do one more before the transition to the next exercise. Great work, all right, so that is your squat press. Now the dumbbells come by your sides and last week or I should say the first work out that we did was come down slowly into a split one or into a split squat and come right back up. So as we said, we do two repetitions, kindly get to use to what we did last week and now what we want to do this week is place that front leg on top of this box. I have a tennis box by you, you can use literally anything as long as it is stable. I am going to have you now step up with the back leg we are the same position but we did a deeper stretch. So another ease down into it slowly, pull the shoulder blades back and let us get right into it and perfectly you switch sides and one more sitting back on the heel driving right back up. Great job. May take those from you. Perfect. So that was our split lounge or split squat with the front leg up and the last one we are going to do today is crunches. We did crunches last week with the legs up. Let us add new dimensions to that. We are going to do now reverse crunches, add in the legs into it. So have a sit, lay your hands on behind your back and now if you are just a beginner, you are just starting now on your abdominals, are not that strong? You could put your hands right underneath your hips. So tighten your gluteus just stabilize yourself. What I am going to have you today though, is put your hands through your head, a little more difficult and crunch up just a little bit with your upper body. So you just keep in touch on, tilt your head backs a little bit so putting a pressure on the head and now what you do is lift your legs up in the air and now bend your knees and pull them in to do a reverse crunch. So I am not going to have you use the upper body just the lower body for today. So stretch the legs out, pull them right back in. [Demo] So finish up, right there perfect. Again, you are going to go, one of you, anywhere between really 12 and 20 repetitions. Somewhere around that level is going to be perfect, 20 repetitions just to be too easy. Let me show you how to progress this exercise down next week as well. So we took our shoulder press turned into a squat press. We took our split lounge or split squat and turned that in to a split squat with front leg up and then we took our regular crunches with legs up and turned that into a reverse crunches. So that is a normal progression up and it is one more way to burn more body fat. Sarah: Hopefully you guys enjoyed our week two of our six-week slim down series and if you are not ready to progress the moves that we showed you in week one, you can go back and sit with that for a little while longer. This will be your next step and you know, adjustment when you are ready. And do not forget to check out our diet video on how you can lose weight even faster by eating a little bit healthier and more sensible so do not forget to subscribe to Diet health and stay tune for our week three. [Music Playing]