Yoga Breathing Exercises for Pregnant Women
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Breathing techniques explained and demonstrated with Laurence Turner the pregnancy yoga instructor. The classes Laurence runs helps many women with the problems of breathing exercises and the pain.


Yoga Breathing Exercises for Pregnant Women Pregnancy Yoga with Laurence Turner Breathing will help condition the mind. Make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Perhaps in the couple of blocks a warm blanket and supporting you if you need to, do not put up as any pain and be free to cross of the legs, placing of the hips lifting from the seat for caught foot height and releasing the hams on the knee closing the eyes breathing in through the nose and out. For the nose and perhaps you’re still aware of the noises around you. Slowly closing down to the space you’re taking up on the floor, your blocks or your matt entering your attention inwards to the flow of your own breath. Notice the base of breathe, its breathing. Perhaps you notice your breath is hurried or short. Notice the sound of your breathing. Focus on the air breathing in and out of the nostrils. You notice the air is cooler as you breath in and warmer as you breath out. Now noticing the movement of your body as you breath, notice the movement of the chest, the rib cage and the abdomen all working together as you breath. In the moment we’re going to deepen the breathing. We’re going to add the length from the exhale in comparison to the inhale. This will help release tension whether physically but also emotionally. You need also relaxing in preparation for labor. To this we’re going to start planting to inhale and progressively build the count of the exhale to 8 but do not experience any shortness of breathe if you do just abandon the counting and remember to lengthen the exhale in comparison to the inhale. Just starting to count to 4 on the inhale and four on the exhale, now inhaling to four and exhaling to 5, inhale to 4 and exhale to 6. Inhaling to 4 and exhaling to 7 and finally inhaling to 3 or 4 and exhaling to 6 or 8. Whatever is off of you and continue in your own pace for another few rounds. Now returning to normal breathing just taking a moment to check how you feel, how you feel emotionally, physically and mentally inhale and take your into the heart center and exhale towards your fingertips focusing for a moment on the contact with the palms. Feel the warmth of the palms, the pressure on the other side of the palms. Inhale with the head lower the arms and gently up in the eyes taking your palm to prepare yourself for movement.