Yahoo! CEO Extends Parental Leave, New Parent Perks
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Two months after banning telecommuting, CEO Marissa Mayer seems intent on keeping Yahoo! competitive with other Silicon Valley companies.


  (Image source: Wikimedia Commons / TechCrunch ) BY ASHLEY CARR     Just two months after Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer banned telecommuting, angering many working parents, she’s back with yet another policy change. KNTV has the details on Mayer’s new childcare policy. “The company is now offering longer childcare leave. That’s 8 weeks for dads, 16 for moms. And they will pick up the bill for things like housecleaning, food delivery while you are out on parental leave — up to $500.”   With Mayer being a new mother herself and taking just two weeks of maternity leave, it’s natural to see this policy change as a sympathetic salute from one parent to another. However, a writer for The Huffington Post doesn’t believe that to be the case, saying:   “[T]he decision to increase paid leave looks like Yahoo's latest attempt to lure talent by offering benefits in line with other Silicon Valley powerhouses.”   Those powerhouses include companies like Google — which offers a 5 month leave for mothers and 7 weeks for fathers, and Facebook which gives parents a 4-month leave. Looks like Yahoo! is still a bit behind.   But a business professor tells Bloomberg he thinks it may be less of an attempt to lure talent and more of a response to backlash from a previous change. He said:  “It’s damage control after taking a black eye in the work-from-home stumble...”   It certainly looks like the company is trying to keep workers from getting the wrong idea.   The company released a statement to Mashable Tuesday morning listing all the ways they hope to make life easier for employees and their families: free food, up-to-date cell phones and computers, and reimbursements for child care, laundry, and house cleaning costs.   While it wasn’t mentioned in Yahoo’s statement today, Mayer has said in a recent earnings call that the initiatives are to retain and attract talent. She also claimed the number of people applying to work at Yahoo! has nearly doubled in the past year.