Y Water: Healthy Drink for Kids
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Gear Daddy reviews the new all organic, nutrient rich, low calorie Y Water as a healthy drink for kids. This all organic vitamin water serves as health conscious option for your kids. Y Water is USDA approved and comes in three health friendly flavors. Y bone water is enriched with calcium, fluoride, and Vitamins A, C and D. Y immune water is fortified with a complex of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E and B6. Muscle Water contains magnesium potassium, selenium and vitamin C.


Welcome back Gear Daddy, I am your host Daddy Troy. Today we are viewing Y Water, it's got vitamins and minerals and it's all organic. Stick around till after the break and I will tell you all about it. Today's episode is sponsored by Baby Bjorn, some of the best baby gear on the planet, Baby Bjorn. So I know you have been to a birthday party the juice boxes come out, kids are really thirsty to get all hyped up on sugar. Well this is an alternative to hype calorie kids drinks. It's a low calorie kid's drink and they taste great, they have all organic ingredients in them, but they also have another two of the really cool added things. Number one, they have added vitamins and minerals. For instance this is muscle water right here. You know when you were a kid you encouraged to eat bananas when you are out of the playing field, because you were getting a loss of potassium, well this has potassium in it. You have also got, this is bone water right here, and I can bet you can guess, what's in bone water, it's going to have calcium. This one right here, this is immune water. Immune water has got Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and then finally, another product I have got is brain water. Brain water has got zinc again amongst many other things. Each of these has about 40-45 calories in it and so low calories encourage us to drink a lot of water. A really cool thing is you have already noticed about it is the form factor, these are really great for the kids, little hands, they love to hold them and play with them and to drink out of them. But what's really, really cool about this, this company has done a really cool thing, when you are done drinking out of these, you can recycle them, they are number one plastic. And by the way I talked to the company and they are BPA free. If you don't know what BPA is, that's Bisphenol A, go to dadlabs.com and do a search for BPA, as a parent you need to know about that. But these are BPA free, when you are done with it, then you can recycle them, they have a number one the bottom to show you that. But you can do another really cool thing with them as well. You can-when a kid is done drinking with it, let's go ahead and take off this little label and do-kids can use them as toys. Check this out. They will mail you these little rubber band type things, they are biodegradable, company has thought of it all, and you can put them on the top and watch this I am going to make a little creature out of them, you can do that. Check that out right there, that's way cool. Now if you get a bunch of them with your kids, you can actually do something really funky, right now I am going to put that one aside. Get another one of these, right here. Hey you even do have to pay for shipping from the company for these, but they will not charge you for the actual rubber bands or the bands themselves, and finally let's take the immune water and check this off right here, I will pull off this label and make ourselves, a cute little dog. Kids are going to love playing with this stuff. These will be great for a birthday party, you can who buy a whole bunch of them, set the kids loose they can do a sculpture or something. I am sucker for good design, these are designed really, really well. Speaking of design, this episode was sponsored by Baby Bjorn, some of the gear on the planet. Baby Bjorn. We will see you next on Gear Daddy and all week along at dadlabs.com.