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Writing expert Tina Casalino video series on how to write a business letter - Writing a Business Letter Main Text


Hi, my name is Tina and my company provides writing and proofreading services. Today, I’m showing you how to write a business letter. And in this next clip, I’m going to show you how to construct the text for the business letter. This includes the introduction, body and conclusion. Before we begin writing the main content of the business letter, why don’t you pull out that scrap paper and jot down the main messages you want to convey in the type of business letter that you’re going to write. As we go through the intro, body and conclusion, check to make sure you’re key points are coming across. Now for the intro. The intro should not exceed more than five sentences and it should clearly convey the reason the recipient of this business letter is receiving correspondence from you. Sentences should be short and to the point. The readers should be able to pinpoint who you are after reading the intro. The body of the business letter can be longer than the intro paragraph. This part of the letter should include supporting evidence or information for your letter. For instance, if you’re writing a cover letter the body should explain what relevant work experience makes you the perfect job candidate. If it’s a sales letter you’re writing the body should provide you reason or persuade you to make a purchase or invest in the service. The conclusion is generally the last part of your business letter. In this area, you want to wrap up your letter by summarizing your purpose for writing it. It’s important to reiterate few message in the conclusion while also emphasizing a call to action. So now to wrap up our business letter, in the next clip I’m going to show you how to do a closing.