Wrinkles Due to Sleep Positioning
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Dr. Heck explains how sleep positioning can affect wrinkle formation.


Wrinkles Due to Sleep Positioning Can My Sleep Position Cause Wrinkles? Patients frequently ask me, “Does it matter how I sleep for formation of wrinkles?” And, it does. But I say first and foremost is to get a good night sleep. Poor sleep contributes to aging. So, if you have to sleep on your stomach, that’s fine. Sleeping on your back, keeping the pressure off your face, does help you age better. You do get sleep creases as you age. They can be minimized through choice of fabrics. So, if you choose a sleek fabric such as silk or satin, that’s a better choice than cotton which has higher friction coefficient. If given the options, sleeping on the back minimizing pressure on the face is better and allows better aging and less wrinkle formation.