Worst Family Travel Experiences
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Parents.TV talks to parents about their worst travel experiences with their families.


Host: Welcome to Parents TV on Demand, a place for parents to learn, share, and develop a healthy family together, Parents TV, our families, our lives. Female: Hey It moms, tell us about your worst travel experience. Dina Vieira: My worst travel experience with my son was when he was just under a year, and he had a virus. So he threw up and it was projectile throw-up and it hit the dashboard and hit me and that was while we were driving. Patsy Cridgington: Hi, my name is Patsy. I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada and the toughest traveling trip I had with my kids would be I guess I have to go to the bathroom all the time. Jeannette Clayton: Only really things I can recall is, screaming in the backseat, stuff like that. Heather Birchfield: Probably my worst experience traveling would be when our daughter was about four months old, we were traveling to Florida and it was in summertime, really hot and she got carsick anytime we went anywhere, and she got carsick and their condition went out on the car. So that was probably the worst travel experience we’ve had. Melissa: Hi. My name’s Melisa from Kansas City, Missouri. My worst travel experience really wasn’t the worst. It was just kind of funny. I was driving from Kansas City to Lincoln, Nebraska with my grandson for a birthday party of his cousin, and we got so engrossed in listening to a book on tape which was the “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe ,” that I missed the turn-off, and after about an hour he said, “Grammy, haven’t we gone too far?” And I realized then that I was headed in the wrong direction. Stephanie Salzinger: My worst travel experience with kids is just traveling with infants generally. Car trips are twice as long as they should be because you're having to feed the child, change diapers, everyone can’t go to the bathroom at once. Eating takes twice as long. We’ve had five-hour trips turned into ten-hour trips. Host: Thank you for watching Parents TV. Our Families, Our Lives.