Workout Plan: Lose Weight Week 5
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This workout is week 5. Join our weight loss challenge and watch your body get slim and sexy. Each week, the exercise routine will get increasingly difficult. Perform this routine 2x a week on nonconsecutive days.


Sarah: Hey everyone! Welcome back to video. I am Sarah your host and once again I am joined by Stephen Cabral, Body Transformation Expert. And this is our Week 5 of our Weight loss Workout period. If you guys have been following along, you know that you are supposed to be doing this workout twice on non-consecutive days, but some of you have some questions about how many times you should be running through each move, reps, sets etcetera. So Stephen, help clarify what should the viewers are going to be doing. Stephen: Alright, so there's three exercises. So you can go through the first one, second one, third one, right in a row without rest if you can do it. If you need to, rest about 30 seconds in between sets. So we are going to run through all three exercises right in a row. We are going to rest about a minute to a minute-and-a-half, then we will repeat those three exercises again. If you can, and if your fitness level allows for it, you will repeat them one more time. So it's a total of three exercises, times, three times. Sarah: Okay, good. So hopefully, all your questions have been answered and so now, to get started, last week we had the Squat or Push-First. Now, this week it's progressed with what? Stephen: So we're going to do a single arm, so 1 Arm Squat Press. Now, the difference is whenever you use one arm, both sides of your body and your oblique have to really kick in because your body wants to tip over to one side with a common balance and stay straight. So I am going to have Sarah squat back into a squat, keeping the dumbbell right above the shoulder and then press up over her head. Good. So naturally it comes straight down, press straight up without turning. You just want to straight your head, and what I want to do to make it a little more difficult is take your left hand off your hip. So now, your core is really full stabilized. You can't help out with that other arm. So this makes it a little bit more challenging. So each one of these, we can do ten reps per side. We only want 20 total squats, and then I will take that in the next exercise. So we are going to progress up this week, and we are going to do a dumbbell. You can also use just your own body-weight if you are just starting out. Actually I'd recommend just using your body-weight if you are just starting now with this exercise. Let's hold the dumbbell, split lunge jump or a split squat jump, so you are going to sit back into that front hip, and then from here, jump up, land down, and right back in your next lunge. So a lot of core stability again. So now, with other weights, hands are still off your body. So that you have to use a core to stabilize. Now if you look, Sarah's heel is off the floor all times in the back, and one more, good. Nice work. The last exercise today we are going to do a line crunch(ph) and it's a ball pass but just between the legs. Now right down on your back, and have one of your hands over your hip. So what I want you to do is stretch your legs out straight, work your inner thighs by squeezing that ball and now lift the ball over your hips with just your hips, and now reach up and touch the ball. Good, come back down, and then right back up. This can be done for anywhere between 20 and 20 repetitions total. So we went through our 1 Arm Squat Press, we went through our Split Lunge Jump from the same side and then we went through our Leg Lifts with the stability ball or Full Body Punch with the Stability ball. Next week, we will show you how to progress that and do a Four Ball Pass. So those three exercises, go ahead and do them without any rest, rest for a minute-and-a-half, a minute to a minute-and-a-half, repeat that two more times. Sarah: I have questions about how much hard you should do, you do this workout right, you should feel quite good workout. Stephen: Absolutely. Sarah: So hopefully you have enjoyed this video, and make sure if you're having it already, checkout week, 1,3, 4 and stay tuned for our final week.