Working with Wikipedia 101 - #10 - Digging Deeper in Wikipedia
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There's a lot to learn about Wikipedia, but thankfully, there's plenty of help right on the website, whenever you need it. Whether you forgot how to change your password or if you want to learn more about creating and editing Wikipedia articles, it's all right here. In fact, there are multiple ways to find the help you need. There's a help-desk, a cheat-sheet, advice, and lots of other users questions to look at. You just need to know where to look.


Welcome back to the Introduction to Wikipedia Series. There’s no doubt that there is a lot to learn about Wikipedia. Hopefully, the first nine episodes in this series helped you understand how to get started and where to find the information you need. There’s also different places to search for help on Wikipedia. There’s an about page here and click here on Help to view help. These are the help contents you can find advice on getting started, how to search, find a cheap chit for editing Wikipedia, find policies and guidelines and more. There are also places to ask questions. There’s a help desk. Make sure you read the about before asking a question because there’s a chance your question has already been asked and answered. There’s also a new contributors page which if you’re watching this video, it’s probably a good place to check out. Another great way to get help is to do a search for what you need help with. Type your question in here and choose where you want Wikipedia to search and click Search. And here is exactly the question I was looking for. And here is the answer. It may look confusing but it just takes time to learn how Wikipedia works. Remember, there are 10 parts to this series, so don’t forget to checkout the other episodes in the Introduction to Wikipedia Series.