Woman to Be Evicted Over 300 Rats
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A woman in Plover, Wisconsin will soon be kicked out of her home.


A woman is set to be evicted over 300 rats. A woman in Plover, Wisconsin will soon be kicked out of her home.The sheriff’s department received a notice to evict her after it was discovered that she was living in a mobile home along with 300 rats. Apparently the 58-year-old lady had been purchasing domesticated rats from pet stores.She brought the creatures home who apparently bred with wild rats and the residence became filled with hundreds of rats. According to report written by the health department, the house contains a high amount of rat feces which carries an increased risk of disease. Once the woman is removed, an exterminator will be brought in to take care of the rats. This isn't the first time breeding got a little crazy.Earlier this year, a female in Sittingbourne, UK contacted the local pets association after her home became flooded with the guinea pigs. Animal personnel arrived at the residence and found roughly 100 guinea pigs.The woman initially had only two, but over the course of several years, the animals continued breeding until the numbers got out of control. Authorities are removing the critters in batches, bringing them to a nearby center for rehoming.