Witch's Hat Cake Recipe
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Treat kids to this bewitching Halloween cake shaped like a witch hat.


Today’s show is all about Halloween props. Now, I’ve just drape to a regular cake plate and we’re going to put the wax paper around so I won’t get that messed up. Now right over here next to me, I have just a box cake mix, one round and one square. What I’ve done with this one is I’ve mixed the red food coloring into a yellow to get kind of orange cake. So we’re going to start by placing our round layer into the center of our dish. We’re going to take our square piece and we’re going to make this just a little more even by trimming a little puffy part of. I’m going to flip him like that so we’ll have a smooth edge to work with. Okay, so we’re going to press down and then pull those edges around, so we can just pull in right on out. All right! That’s going to part of our hat. Then we’re going to over to here with this one. We’re going to push straight down and pull away. Straight down and pull away. All right, now we’ve got some scraps left. This is going to be the top of the hat and I’m going to take these scraps and stuff them down into that cone. Here we go and I’m kind of press it down like that and sit him right there. So we’re going to use a can frosting, get a little start right there. We’re going to spread them in and the kids are just going to love this hat. We’re ready for our next layer and place him right about the center and we’re going to do the same thing again with him. We’re just going to smooth that around, okay, we’re going to do the same thing for our next layer because we’re getting the height for our hat, one more last piece. Now I’m going to use a wooden skewer to make sure our hat doesn’t fall off of our plate during the party. All right, so we’re going to go in just like that. All right! Now we’re ever so gently going to try to get the frosting onto the top of our hat without knocking it down, that maybe the trick. So we’re going to just start up there and very, very gently bring it down just like that. And he kind of fell on us so I’m going to turn that around and bring it up to the top like that. Now we’re ready to turn him and do a little bit more. I came from to bottom on that first one but I think I’m going to try it from the bottom up and let’s see what we’ve got. Almost think this is going to work better. So we’re going to start down there, ring that up just like that and see what we’ve got. Though I think that is much better than that. I’m going to take my spatula now and just start smoothing it out. What kind of cute our hats, starting to come alive a bit in it and I’m going to go around the edge of the hat. Now no self respecting which hat would go without a band. So that’s what we’re going to put on next and this is really easy to do. You can buy fruit roll ups at the grocery store and you can cut them to the length that you need and take a paint brush and brush it with some white karo syrup but I’ve made mine out of almond paste, so cute. All right now I’ve got tray full candy that Michael put out for me and I’m going to just start placing those candies. All right, stick different candies in our hat. You neither want to do too much to it because I think it’s just kind of so cute the way it is. I’m going to cling my knife up so that we can raise our cake as we slip out our wax paper.