Windows Live Messenger - #8 - Set Up a Webcam for Windows Live Messenger
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In the early days of chat people simply typed text messages to one another. Today, if you have a webcam, your contacts can see you as you chat. It's a great feature for parents who are traveling to see their children, long distance friends to keep in touch and so on. Windows Live Messenger is ready and able to handle your webcam. Here's how.


Hi, this is Mike Callahan, Dr. File Finder and welcome to part eight of our special 10-part series on Windows Live Messenger. Now in this segment I’m going to talk briefly about setting up a webcam for use with Windows Live Messenger. If you have one Windows Live Messenger is prepared to use it, click on the menu, go down to tools and move down to audio and video setup. Now when that comes up and it will bring here over here where you can see it. Type by getting starter, we want to click next, it lets you pick your speakers if you’re using headphones, you would check this box, you can adjust the volume, click next, it shows the microphone, you can see the green here is showing me as I speak here, I can adjust the volume for the microphone, click next. And there I am in the webcam and then we click finish. Then we click here, we click tools again, go down to webcam settings and you can adjust the brightness, you can adjust the contrast, alright balance the saturation and so on. There are some advance features, you can do phase tracking which is very handy for a single user, some device settings, here again changing those settings for brightness and so on, automatic gain control, click apply, click okay, click close and you’re done and you’re ready to do the conference or a family meeting. And that concludes part eight.