Windows 7 - Review Part 3/3
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Detailed product advice and reviews: this video reviews Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, with its improvements and new features. Part 3/3.


Welcome to PCWizKids Tech Talk. Today I wanted to show you the Windows 7 interface enhancement. So this is part three of my reviews of the operating system. I’m running the beta of course but the ribbon interface is what I wanted to show you. I want to open up paint here, so in Windows 7 paint now has a new facelift. It’s got these tabs and this new interface to accessing all the options. Now, the word pad also has these tabs and this new facelift, this new interface to accessing the options. So, this new way of doing it is now the ribbon interface and you might have seen this already actually in Microsoft Office 07 so way back then they are already started using this type of interface. Now, it’s going to be official in Window 7 it seems. So the tabs I didn’t mind them at all actually. The other options are there for editing in paint. You know you select the area that you want to crop or cut or whatever, you know, all of that is still there. The rotate is still accessible fast, the sizes of the brushes or the type of the brushes and all of that is very quick and easy and in two it will define. So, I didn’t have any issues with this new interface actually I think it’s easier and quicker to edit your images and saving it is also straightforward. So, flipping back and forth between the options I thought it’s pretty straightforward and saving it as well like I said. You want to save it as PMG or JPEG, well, it’s right there so it some pretty simple and if you want to set this as your wallpaper then also it’s pretty simple. You just go down here and select the type of a positioning that you want to put that on desktop. So, this custom looking fill of the ribbons here is not something that you can disable so it’s basically there to stay it seems in Windows 7 so whether you like it or not it might take sometime for you to get use to but it’s pretty straightforward to me. What they’ve done here is also applied it to word pad as I said so they might be doing this to other utilities and tools as well in the future. So, when it comes to word pad, let’s flip over to that and word pad it also has the tabs right? And all the options are accessible in the same fashion so you still have the zoom in and zoom out and all of that is still basically the same with that ribbon interface and accessing your fonts and all of that and editing is intuitive, pretty straightforward here with word pad and like I said if you’ve used Office 07 then this is probably familiar to you already. Okay but for those of you that have never use Microsoft Office 07 this is probably new to you and I thought I’ve showed it to you so you can get familiar. Now the other thing that is not necessarily related is the calculator. The calculator has also gone for some enhance to the unit conversions right so for those of you that are doing some conversion on things and you want to do date calculations, there is an add-on for that in there and some template so you can do some calculations on gas, mileage and stuff like that. So that’s pretty neat not a scientific calculator but still they’ve added some useful conversion tools in there. So I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for watching.