Windows 7 - Review Part 2/3
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Detailed product advice and reviews: this video reviews Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, with its improvements and new features. Part 2/3.


Welcome to PCWizKid’s Tech Talk. Today, we’re revealing Windows 7 essentials. This is part two review and essentially we are going to cover what is missing and what is included. When we’re talking about essentials we mean different things obviously but Microsoft has actually taken out the few things and made them optional downloads so it’s basically called Windows Live Essentials. So what are we talking about? Messenger, mail, the writer, a tool bar, movie maker, photo gallery, how do you get to download those quickly? Well, click on the start button and then on the search box type the word ‘essentials’ and you will get the link that will take you directly to the download page to get those. So, when you click on that link it will open up connecting internet and explain the details here on each of those items. Okay, so you can review what you will want from there and learn about them and then once you're ready click on the download button. I’m going to download all of them. I might as well so I can just check them out. I might not use any of them but just to review them briefly so if you check them all it’s going to be about less than 200 megs for the whole suite there and I’m not going to review them right now all in detail. We’re just going to quickly high level, just quickly go to them fast so you can see what I’m talking about and what is consider the essential here. Alright so select what you want and then of course go to the set up and let it download and install the stuffs okay. Now, there are of course included essentials so stuff under the accessories system tools and stuffs like that all take a quick pick at those at the end. But here when we’re doing the install for this, when you done installing it it’s going to asks you to select some defaults. I’m just going to uncheck all of these because I want to customize and do things on my own so there we go. Once it’s done, you will need a Hotmail or Windows Live ID to use some other tools that you’re downloading here. So, now when you click on the programs you are going to see a Windows Live and under Windows Live are all are the essentials. Right, so Windows Live messenger for example obviously you need a live ID or Hotmail ID. Okay so you need an ID for that one for example, for a photo gallery you need that one in order to share stuffs. Let’s look at the live writer here for seconds starting from the bottom. So the writer program that they’ve included allows you to connect to your blog and basically update your blog remotely from these programs so if you don’t have a blog that is you can sign up to one and if you do have one in my case I have it already and after you put in your blog and username and password you can continue and actually start modifying your blog. That was be from here and there is a lot of features that are editing features of course for creating blog entries which you wouldn’t necessarily get if you had in a word depress editor for example. So, I like this it’s a pretty neat, it’s not the bad add on and it could come to some news for many okay. So, this is actually a no key essential to perhaps download if you have a blog or if you are thinking about making a blog. Another option here let’s go back into the programs and click on windows live. Another essential that they have is of course the photo gallery okay. Now photo gallery is— that you can share all your photos with other folks that might have a live idea or hotmail idea whatever. And you quickly want to archives stuffs maybe you tag it for later on and organize your photos neatly. Kind of reminds me of the MAC’s I photo so I don’t know if few of you are MAC users also and you have I photo. Many features from here are similar to I photo, so its pretty slight it’s not to bad they have some basic editing features here you can touch up your images of course and fix them up. So that’s not too bad either right? So this could come in handy right if you don’t have a graphic or photo editing software and you want something basic and quick this could do the job and then of course at the same time you can create the live shows and prepare stuffs for your wallpapers, screen saver and stuffs like that. So, there is more to it in just organizing your photos. So this could come in handy as well so there is another download. The other one here that you can get the movie maker, that one came before in previous versions of windows and they’ve improved it a little bit obviously so there is new features when you go and you just to open up your videos you can drag and drop them and add them in there and obviously add some transition and effects to them right and that’s really what you are looking for. What comes with there are other any transitions and effects in visual appealing options here so that you can touch up your videos and obviously upload them to YouTube for example. So, I’ve never really been a fan of movie make and myself I’ve never really bothered using it so there are basic features obviously to trim and cut pieces of video that you don’t want and then add text over lay on top of it and stuffs like that. So, I mean there is stuffs in here I am not going to go in detail it’s up to you if you want to try out or if you don’t have anything to edit and you looking for something simple then obviously this is a simple as it get but then again it’s maybe a little bit too simple. So, anyways it’s a free download just like all of the other essential they’re all free so again go back into the windows live and see what’s the next thing that we have will the messenger. I’ve never use messenger before but this another chat program like the yahoo chat and the AOL chat and all of those other chat programs okay. So, this is another chat, this one’s version 2009 okay so there you go. You can download that if you want not that I’m going to show you it in detail. Next thing here is the mail program again I’m not going to show that in detail just the basics, the interface here to archive and store your stuffs. I’m looking at my junk mail box here so you can see all the junk mail it’s getting and filtering so that’s working nicely. Connecting to my existing windows live or hotmail ID whatever you might have and it’s set up them here automatically and you can have other options added to there as well so at least similar to outlook right. Just very similar in a thing I don’t know ordinary hear for that and you can see here that it has the basics options that you would need. That you would expect in a mail program. So that’s the windows live mail for you. Next thing on the programs list here that we haven’t check is the accessories, what is included already under the accessories. Well a lot of the stuff that you would expect is still there in now in Window 7; here you can still see a lot of the stuffs. The run command is not on the side here where I had it in Vista. So you can make a sure category if you want or later on we can do a hack in the added it to the menu as well so not a problem. And the snipping tool and the other options set that are still excess that’s nothing new but I just thought I quickly show use that you know that stuffs still is there under the accessories still excess. Most importantly under system tools a lot of the goodies stuff that I use on a ongoing basis are under systems tools and they still excess of course and are in there. Some of them are improve as well, I’ll go in detail in other videos about this because if I have to go in detail for everything this video would take and hour. So bare with me on this okay, I’m just quickly showing on everything part three is coming up. Now you now what the windows essentials are all about, what included, what’s not included. And I hope you enjoy this video and thank you for watching.