Windows 7 - Review Part 1/3
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Detailed product advice and reviews: this video reviews Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, with its improvements and new features. Part 1/3.


Welcome to PCWizKids Tech Talk. Today I wanted to show you Windows 7. What’s it got that you don’t have already. Well let’s take a look, this is the first look, add it starting with the desktop here. I’ve got the beta. I’ve been using it since version build 7000 and that you need a one gigahertz system, one gigabyte of RAM, 16 gig of space, pretty basic stuffs actually to install and get Aero running. So, that’s not too bad. Now let’s talk about the Aero here because it’s look like gets on steroids. Starting with the start button in the corner the or button that has sparkles and shines there and then you get this thick huge icons here on that task bar which is no longer really called the task bar they call it the super bar now but essentially it has lot of the same type of features since Vista but they’ve been proved a few. So you still have the previous but you can actually switch the order which you have task and some things open. So not only can you have shortcuts but your tasks is appear now there as well and you can preview them and switch the order which they’re you know opened or layered on top of each other. If you preview one of them and you move your mouse on top of the small preview it shows you a big preview right beside it. Okay so you can see a movie, my mouse on top. I didn’t click on anything. I’m just moving my mouse on top and it opens up a preview so you can see what’s running there okay. So that’s one new feature, to get to this previous or to get your desktop if you have a whole bunch of things open now you go to the right hand side and you right click over there and you will get this little pop up that show desktop, preview your desktop. So that’s how you get to it now. So they don’t have the shortcut on the other sides it’s on this on the right hand side. What else do we have on this super bar well let’s see if you click with the left mouse biting you whole that there are any get this jump lists. So common task and things that you can do with whatever it is that you have running down there if you left click and hold the mouse bottom down and move your mouse up, it actually makes appear this lists of things that you can do relating to that program whatever is it your running in there. And you’ve got similar lists that will appear also in the program menus and things that you’ve run before so that’s one feature. The other thing that they have is the snapping feature so the Aero type of snap. So, you’ve got this windows open and it’s a bit clattered while you can snap them and organize them and tile them or get to them easily by dragging them to a corner or dragging them to the top they become full screen, if you drag them to the right it’s snaps half of the screen and same thing with the other side if you have another window open, you move it to the tops it’s snaps full screen you can unsnap it from there and bring it to the right hand side and it’s snaps to the left. So, that’s a snapping feature, I’ve seen another operating systems but they’ve added it now. The gadgets now they’ve call it instead of the side of bar and the widgets its gadgets and they are basically dragging drop one to your desktop and that’s it. There is no side bar anymore but the gadgets are basically the same as before, okay so that really hasn’t change now the options and all of that relating to the gadgets now in Vista are the same in Window 7 it’s just that you don’t have a sidebar anymore okay so that’s that. Now, personalization when you want to change your desktop icons and stuffs like that, that’s been improve a little bit and there is more options so you can see here there is different themes and different colors, skins and stuffs like that. I’ve change the default of course and I added my own desktop background already for this video. That’s not any different in Vista actually it’s the same, same process to download you know you download your wallpaper and then you just point to it and then set it up they way you want on your desktop and that’s it, straight forward right? Now, if you don’t want to use that there are a lot of neat wallpaper and themes that come with it already okay so let’s take a look of the couple of those. You can see there is a couple of themes already in color schemes already set up and you could choose any of those or you can go in and manually customize it when you want it and pairs some nice wallpaper that you can choose and yo9u can see a nice little colors will pretty good resolution and placing to look at so those are not too bad. Nicely added there so that we don’t have to go out and download any. So it will keep you busy the default one is obviously that fish so you might seen this already in many other places so this is the default one which I’ve change of course and I added my wallpaper so that’s basically at, that’s my first look at Windows 7 for you I will be creating more videos on how to change more of the options, more features which I haven’t covered we will go through them. Compatibility, running other programs if there is still running smooth I will let you know. So, we will go through all of that in my next couple videos but so far so good. Okay, I must admit there has been a different improvement, it is smooth and it’s fast but then again it varies on your systems right. So anyways, I hope you enjoy this video, comment, rate if you can and let me know what you think. Okay, thanks for watching.