Why You Should Get a Flu Vaccination
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In this video, icyou's Medical Editor, Mona Khanna, MD, MPH, talks about why most people should receive a flu vaccination each year. She also talks about which groups are most susceptible to catching the flu.


Why is it important to be vaccinated against flu? It’s really important to receive a vaccination against the flu. Now whether you go the flu shot route or whether you go the flu misroute which is the miss that can be given through the nose and that is very specific ages five to 49 with no medical problems. The more common way to be vaccinated against the flu is the flu shot and the reason it’s important is because it protects against infection by the flu strain. Now, although we don’t the particular flu strain at the time the vaccine is developed, what we do is we developed the vaccine against what we think the flu strain will be and what the flu strain was the previous year. So there is some cross protection that way. It’s most important for people who have chronic medical conditions including heart conditions, lung conditions, diabetes, patients who are HIV positive, people who have immuno-compromised systems for some other reason such as cancer treatment, the very young and the very old to be vaccinated against the flu because these are the groups that are most susceptible to the complications of the flu and those complications are pneumonia and of course death that land 100, 000 in the hospital every year for hospitalization and more than 30,000 of them actually die.