Why College Graduate Decides to Pursue Sales Career
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In Chapter 2 of 16, online media sales executive Geoff Hamm graduates the University of Illinois and begins a sales career. As a child, Hamm would pick up a new toy or pair of shoes and try to persuade friends on why they should also get them. Over time, Hamm works summer jobs and internships and is naturally drawn to sales roles. In sales, Hamm finds it fulfilling and meaningful meeting new people, forming relationships, and learning and developing through the resulting experiences.


Erik: Upon graduating the University of Illinois, why did you decide to go into sales? Geoff: Oh, it started when I was a kid… I had friends and even teachers that would tell me if – I would have the latest pair of gym shoes or some kind of toy or whatever and I would always talk to my friends about like how cool it was, and you know I basically would sit there and like tell them how cool it was and why they should have it. You know, I was like selling them, but I didn’t really – you know, I had no idea what I was doing at the time but I had a teacher tell me once like in third grade like, ‘You know, you’re going to be a salesman when you grow up’ and I didn’t think twice about it you know, when you’re in the third grade you don’t remember that stuff but as I progressed through school and got into high school and then into college I had jobs in the summer, internships whatever it was and it’d always lend itself to that sort of field, it started out in like marketing roles and things like that but I always ended up actually getting into a sales role and it just felt comfortable, I love to meet new people so that’s one place you can totally do it. It’s the opportunity to meet new people, form a relationship and have them impart something on you; it’s like an opportunity to continually evolve your own self based on the experiences you have meeting somebody else.