Why a San Francisco Student Chose to Study at Yale
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In Chapter 7 of 20, while in high school, Louise Davis prioritized colleges located in urban settings. She explained that the college should have resources that can be committed to serving the local community in need and enable students to apply these resources. Seeking something comparable to her San Francisco childhood, Davis decided to attend Yale University, given its high priority in serving the local New Haven, Connecticut community.


Why a San Francisco Student Chose to Study at Yale Erik Michielsen: How did town dynamics behind New Haven, Connecticut influenced your decision to attend Yale University there? Louise Davis: I think from San Francisco what little I knew about New Haven and Yale is totally about a city in need of a lot of things given what happened over the course of few decades. And that the university had a lot of resources that could fill that need and so I was pretty fascinated by the idea of going to a college that will allow me as part of that university to apply those resources to me. And I think in particular having grown up in San Francisco I felt compelled by the idea of being in similar cities that I'm where. I could see the issues that needed to be addressed and to do something about them. And it was harder for me to imagine going to a place where I wouldn’t actually see those issues or we wouldn’t be able to do anything to be helpful on addressing them. So that compelled me to want to go to Yale and I thought I’m really lucky to have the chance to go and I think New Haven was a part I wanted to go.