Whooping Cough Vaccine
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This medical video focuses on a vaccine to prevent whooping cough.


Jennifer: 4 month old Hamp visit’s the doctor today but his appointment is special. Anne: How your super baby. Jennifer: Hamp is part of a clinical trial that’s changing his back seems schedule. Normally a baby starts their series of 3 whooping cough vaccines at 2 months. Hamp got his first dose when he was born. Anne: We are glad to be in the study we are got to be help in and glad that you know we can be part of something that might help children especially lighter down the line. Jennifer: Doctor Natasha Halasa says whooping cough is highly contagious. If infants catch it from an adult it can turn deadly that’s why the earlier they start to be protected the better. Natasha: Kids could actually mounts an immune responds get those 2 vaccines by 2 months of age protecting them earlier instead waiting until 4 months when they get the second child. Jennifer: It happens to 9 month old Blayne when he was 5 weeks old he got whooping cough and start breathing for 21 seconds. Starla Sands: if you can explain, the fear the emotion you go through the helpless ness. Jennifer: Blayne’s mom says well its hard to talk about what happen to her son. She feels it’s important to tell parents to take this disease seriously. Starla Sands: If it’s an adult’s earning cough and it has been for a year then they need to be checked out. Jennifer: Like many babies Hamp is not happy about his vaccine what he doesn’t realize is that to study he is involved in could save babies in the future from a dangerous disease. This is Jennifer reporting.