Whole Wheat Pita Snacks
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They're back! Jon Ham and Julieanna Hever have another cooking show with some healthy, tasty snacks that are super simple and easy to make! In this video, Jon and Julieanna put together a Whole Wheat Pita snack using their home made hummus, tomatoes, persian cucumbers, and Whole Wheat Pita of course. Put it all together to create a colorful, nutrient dense snack that you and your whole family will love!


Juliana: Hi Juliana and Jon here and today, we’re going to start with our super simple snack series. Quite a mouthful but really it’s so easy to put together healthy snacks. People are always asking me what are we going to eat if we get hungry. There’s a lot of easy things you can do. So we’re going to start by doing a whole series of different quickie snack suggestions and we’re going to start today with just a whole wheat pita hummus snack so simple. Here, I just took some whole wheat pita and actually Jon cut them into quarters and I got some hummus that I made from my fridge. I always keep hummus in my fridge. Jon: We made a video also how to make hummus so this is the hummus that we made. Juliana: Yes, except this time, we had a little parsley but it’s so easy to make your hummus but it’s an oil free healthy version. That’s why it’s so good to have on hand because you can just grab it when you’re hungry and throw together something like it. So we’re going to take a little pita piece and I’m going to spread some hummus on top and then we’re going to decorate it. This is really flat. Like the Italian effect. Sorry, -- Jon: I’m like what? Juliana: No, I’ve got my- Jon: So we have a pita veggie hummus sandwich. Juliana: Mini sandwich so you can use that, I made a big mess. I told you I’m the biggest klutz. Okay. How easy is that, some slices of cucumber, I like Persian cucumbers but can you use any kind of cucumbers and you can add whatever vegetables you like. Wait for me. You fold it, that’s smart. Do you like it? Jon: I couldn’t wait. Juliana: How easy is that? Jon: Simple quick easy. Juliana: Super simple and healthy. You’re getting your fiber, your vitamin C. Jon: Licopene from your tomatoes. Juliana: And lutein that’s right and your chlorophyll from your cucumbers. High five on that one. Jon: This is part one, we’ll have two more coming your way soon. Juliana: And then some. Cheers.