White Chocolate Martini. Art of the Drink 6#
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In honor of National Dairy Month, Anthony is going to introduce you to his delectable White Chocolate Martini as well as our new Drinkart Girl for June - the equally delicious Rachel!


[Music Playing] Welcome to the art of the drink video Podcast. My name is Anthony Caporale. Joining us this week is Rachel. [Music Playing] Rachel: Hi. Anthony: Hey. Rachel: [Laughing] Anthony: Now, for those of you who might not be aware, June is actually national dairy month. Rachel: I knew that. Anthony: No you did not. Rachel: Grandfathers dairy farmer. Anthony: Oh okay. Rachel: [Laughing] Anthony: That is fair, because I did not have any idea. But in honor of national dairy month, we are going to do a drink that uses half and half dairy product obviously. And, you have to use half and half a little bit differently from some of the other ingredients that we use in making drinks and I will show you why when we make the drink. What we will make is a white chocolate martini. Rachel: Very nice. Anthony: Start off as always by setting our glassware and what I am going to do right from the beginning is decorate it up a little bit, and what I am going to do is just drizzle a little bit of chocolate syrup into the glass. You can make whatever kind of pattern you want, but you know something that is going to look from the side basically. Rachel: Beautiful. Anthony: All right, and in my shaker tin, one good scoop of ice and I start with an ounce of vanilla vodka. All right, so one ounce of vanilla vodka, and then I am going to add a half ounce of crème de coco, which there are two kinds of crème de coco, there is white crème de coco. Rachel: Okay: Anthony: Which is what I am using and dark crème de coco, for this drink, we want to use white crème de coco because it is a white chocolate martini. Rachel: White chocolate martini. Anthony: So, half ounce of the white crème de coco and then an ounce of white chocolate liquor, which is a little bit different. Now, there are a couple of different brands out there but what you want to look for is actually going to say white chocolate liquor and it is creamier and has a chocolate flavor and it is alcoholic obviously. Rachel: Very nice. Anthony: Yes, and I am going to shake this. Rachel: But you did not put the cream in. Anthony: Yes, I did not put the cream in. That is what I was talking about before. We have to do things a little differently with cream. If I put the cream in now when I am going to shake this, the cream is going to foam up and probably double the amount of volume in this glass. Rachel: And then, I can not fit it all in my martini. Anthony: Exactly, and you end up drinking a mouthful of foam, which is no good. So what we are going to do is we are going to shake this first because we still want to mix ingredients, aerate them and chill them down, but we shake it first without the dairy products in it, without the half and half. And as always, I am going to shake it until I frost the tin. Rachel: Frost the tin. Anthony: Frost the tin because that means that the drink is at the same temperature as the ice, Rachel: Great. Anthony: And that is the right temperature for service. Once it gets a nice frost on the tin, then I remove the glass and now I am going to add about one ounce of the half and half. I still want to chill the half of half, so what I do is just swirl it. Rachel: Gently. Anthony: Yes, really gently. Rachel: Be tender with it. Anthony: Be tender with it, I like that. Now, it is going to bring the half and half down to the right temperature, also mix it in. And now when I strain this out, you can see that it has a great texture to it but it is not all bubbles and we have the exact right amount that we want. Rachel: Full. Anthony: Yes, beautiful. Full! Rachel: [Laughing] Anthony: Always the right amount. Just because I can because the cream makes a nice base, I am going to go ahead and drizzle a little bit more chocolate and you can see that the chocolate actually will float on top of the drink and that is because of the cream that is in there. Rachel: It is beautiful. Anthony: Yes, it looks beautiful and I am going to garnish with a couple of cherries. Alright, White chocolate martini. Rachel: Gorgeous. Anthony: Want to make one?