When Your Child Isn't Ready for Kindergarten
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What if the child seems immature for kindergarten?


Host: What if the child seems immature for kindergarten? Dr. Rene Hackney: Likely if the child is motivated and curious and ready for learning, it is good to send them on to kindergarten. If they are more emotionally immature or socially immature there is a lot that families and school can do to help that child along the way. Getting that child involved in social skills training groups; often the guidance counselor provides this for your child at the public school. Having them go on lots of play dates in the year leading up to kindergarten, so they get some practice at that. Having parents just actively coach them on social and emotional interactions, that can easily be done by just reading books about emotions or that involve emotions and having discussions with children, so they can learn about those things. Also, if a parent to actively teach turn taking, and sharing, and things like social entry, how to get in the ongoing play can be really beneficial for that child s maturity level.