When You Can Apply Sunscreen to Your Infant
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People tend to shy away from applying sunscreen on their infants. But is sun exposure (a result of not using sunscreen) safer than applying sunscreen on an infant? Dr. Schultz will explain the old way of thinking about this as well as the new.


When You Can Apply Sunscreen to Your Infant Hello. I’m Dr. Neal Schultz and welcome to DermTV. Mother’s asked me “At what age can I start putting sunscreen on my infant?” The answer is as soon as you take them outdoors. It used to be said that we didn’t use any sunscreen on infants under the age of six months, because we didn’t know what the effect of possible absorption of the sunscreen would be on infants with very thin skin. We now know that sunscreen use is safe in infants at any age. However, we’ve always maintain the infants under the age of six months should not be in direct sun exposure but rather should be in the shade. But we also know that you can still get sun damage in the shade. So, no matter what you’re doing, if you’re taking your infant outdoors, use sunscreen all the time. And in infants, you don’t want to use sunscreens that are on the gel or solution based because it could be too dry and irritating for infants’ young delicate skin. And lastly, make sure that for your infant, just like for yourself, you’re using a sunscreen with an SPF of between 15 and 30 with UVA protection for spectrum protection. Please join me again at dermtv.com. If you have a question, please send it to me by visiting dermtv.com/question. I’m Dr. Neal Schultz and thank you for watching today.