When to Start the Potty Training
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Proud two year old Paige has just learned how to use her new potty. Her mother says there were a few mishaps along the way but after two weeks of trying. A paediatrician offers a few tips on when you should start toilet training and how best to do it.


Natalie Taylor: When we got to potty, I try to get a firm potty, something that she would like and at the time she liked the 101 Dalmatians and of course, we've got this spotty potty. So it might be more fun for her. So I put her on the potty first to just get her, let her feel a bit, and then obviously just explained her this is way you go to the toilet. Dr. Su Laurent: First of all is extreme patience I would say, secondly is pick a time when you think, when you've got patience and you've got time to be with that child, and you think that they are ready. And to be honest, I think with my first - he was two and a quarter and my second she was two-and-a-half and I just thought it was right because there is no point trying too early and then failing and then every one getting miserable and frustrated. Natalie Taylor: It's trial and error. We had a lot of mishaps, but it's funny they just learned so quickly, and all of a sudden in a week-and-half, she knew that's way she had to go to toilet. Dr. Su Laurent: It will take you, if you are lucky, about a week or so before your child really gets the hang of it. If you are unlucky, a lot longer than that, but persevere. Natalie Taylor: Paige was just over two, it was great really, I mean she was awake, it was difficult in some stages, but one night she just decided to go to the toilet herself, we put nappy on her before she goes to bed, because she is not dry through the night, and she just went into the kitchen, took the nappy off herself and went on the potty. So that was great. That was a real achievement, it was real good achievement, that she done it. So that's the turning point I think really. Dr. Su Laurent: You can use these things called Trainer Pants which are like nappies that you pull up and you pull down again because some children will respond very well to that. So if they have an accident, it doesn't matter but you pull them down every time and you encourage them. And again the most important thing about potty training is reward for using the potty. So if they have done well, if they have produced into the potty, if they didn't sit on it when you have asked them to, give them a little bit of reward, maybe a chocolate button or maybe a readable book or whatever you choose, but be positive.