When to Plant Iris Bulbs in the Garden
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Learn when is the best time to plant iris bulbs in your garden or yard. The iris can be planted in either the spring or in autumn - while the selection is better in the spring, the planting will be better in the fall.


September and October are definitely great time to go and buy and plant for your spring garden because you are going to planting some bulbs. Now, there is bit of confusion around the Irish because you are going to see the Irish involve to fall and the spring and often people say “Well should I be planting in spring or the fall”. Well, the truth and the matter is should actually plant in either but you will get a better selection in the spring and you get a better planting in the fall. So, what I suggest going into your local garden center and have a look maybe your planting your tulips or your daffodils or getting ready for that. And go to the Irish section and have a look to see what they got and if you got something that really jumps sold on at you, go in there and buy it from them and if you got a nice deep pole of lots of drainage and Irish is need a lot of drainage, rich soil, lots of drainage you are going to be very successful. I mean a man with a growth that you are going to get from his delirious in the fall is going to be almost for years growth rather than just the six months that you planted earlier which is great. When you come back in the spring have a look because you are going to see that the garden center you going to have 50% more selection then. So, if you want to know when the plant your Irish, you can plant them in both but realistically the best selection is in spring and the best planting time is in the fall.