When To Introduce Solid Foods
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Learn when to introduce solid foods to your baby and how to avoid exposing your baby to potential food allergies.


Melanie Raposo: Hi everybody! I am Melanie Raposo and welcome to Mommy's minute. Now when you're baby is ready to start eating solid food which is usually around the age of 6 months, there are several things you should be aware of. I talked to nutrition consultant Lianne Phillipson-Webb who gives us some tips and how to get baby started. Lianne Phillipson-Webb: You can start off by mashing a banana, adding breast milk or formula whatever your baby's main source of milk is and just mash it until it gets to a runny consistency, that's a really good first food. You could try butternut squash, you could try sweet potato. Melanie Raposo: One way to avoid potential allergies is keeping your babies gut strong which will in turn keep their immune system strong. As Lianne tells us, giving your baby a spoonful of infant acidophilus is very beneficial to your baby. Lianne Phillipson-Webb: Especially important for any mom who had to take antibiotics during pregnancy as well any baby that was born by Cesarian. When they are born by Cesarian they're really taken from a sterile environment into an un-sterile environment without passing through the birth canal which is where they take on a lot of moms good bacteria and gain a lot of immune strength. So supplimenting is an exceptionally good idea just for overall health and well being. Melanie Raposo: Making your own baby food versus buying in the store is also very beneficial to your baby and far more nutritious. To learn how to make home made baby food watch over exclusive video only on ThePregnancyShow.com.