When Should Parents Worry About Autism Symptoms
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Peggy Halliday discusses a variety of topics related to autism spectrum disorders, such as when do parents begin to worry something might be wrong


Host: When do parents usually begin to worry there might be something wrong? Peggy Halliday: Parents usually express concern between 12 and 18 months, this varies quite a bit and there are some parents who say that they noticed that something was different in their child almost from birth, but if a child is developing normally in terms of the physical milestone when they are rolling over and sitting up and pulling them themselves up to a stand. There is more subtle differences in terms of their social interactions may go unnoticed. But around 12 to 18 months parents are really starting to look for language to develop in those -- in their children. So, when that language does not develop as expected that often is the first clue to parents if something maybe going on that worrisome.