When is Botox Justified for Teenagers
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As surprising as it may sound, many parents bring their teenagers to dermatologists for Botox. Dr. Schultz will share why this not only is unsurprising but also in certain circumstances justified.


Dr. Neal Schultz: Hello I'm Dr. Neal Schultz and welcome to DermTV. Believe it or not, there are some women who bring me their daughters as young as the age of 18-20 for treatment with Botox. As crazy as that may sound, let me explain what's going on. We know that stronger and larger forehead muscles cause deeper and earlier lines and wrinkles. That's because, when you use those larger muscles, you cause a crease in the skin and, when you repeatedly crease the skin, that's the chief contributor to deeper lines and wrinkles, especially prematurely. Let's go back to those women. Those women had large forehead muscles when they were later teenagers and in their early 20s, so they developed premature deep lines and wrinkles. They also know that forehead development is hereditary, so when their teenage daughters become the age at which those moms developed lines and wrinkles, of course, they want to prevent their daughters from having the same problem. That's why they bring their daughters in for Botox because they understand that Botox, by slowing down or arresting those muscles, will prevent or at least retard the development of those deep lines and wrinkles. Now certainly, treating teenagers with Botox is a very personal issue, but you can understand, and justifiably so, why those women bring their daughters in to help prevent the development of those deep lines and wrinkles. Please join me again at dermtv.com. If you have a question please send me by visiting dermtv.com/question. I'm Dr. Neal Schultz and thank you for watching today.