What Your Baby Will Look Like
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Right after birth all babies may look a little strange at first. Some have skin discoloration, blister-like bumps on their forehead etc. But these symptoms are all normal and will go away within the first few weeks.


Hi everybody! I'm Melanie Raposo and welcome to Mommy's Minute. Throughout your nine months of pregnancy, you developed a cute little rosy-cheeked image in your head of what your baby will look like. Then on the day of delivery out comes is little red wet screaming thing that doctors are telling you is your baby. Don't panic, it is your baby and all babies look a little strange at first. It is what you expect when you first examine your baby. Some babies will get a blister like bump on their forehead and what's called milia which looks like little pimples on their forehead, nose and cheeks. All should be gone within the first few weeks of birth. When a baby is born at first the pressure of passing to the birth canal can sometimes mold their head into an oblong shape. Some babies will also experience skin discoloration, but both baby's skin color and head shape should return to normal within the first few weeks. So be rest assured, your baby will be extremely cute and with the little patience, all of these symptoms will be gone soon enough.