What Women Really Want on Valentine's Day
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Daddy Brad extracts some excellent advice for Dads on Valentine's Day from "Babyproofing Your Marriage" authors Julia Stone and Cathy O'Neill. Don't make a major purchase. Instead, thoughtfully inscribe a card.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lounge I am Daddy Brad. I’m going to be honest, I’m going to share some secrets of guys, you know valentines day and the gift, it’s really all about getting lucky, I mean. Female: Isn’t it always— Daddy Brad: We are joined with two of the authors of Babyproofing your marriage, Cathy O’ Neill and Julia Stone. Julia: Hi Brad. Cathy: Hello. Daddy Brad: Thanks for coming. Cathy: Thanks for having wine. Daddy Brad: Wine, beer. Mars, Venus. Hello, hello. Cathy: Oops. Daddy Brad: When did it become a day that we have to give these huge gifts these Valentines Day? Cathy: I think I missed that one. Julia: We do have control over what we get, I mean you don’t have to buy in to just let you know, it has to be done necklace or earrings or a big ticket item. I mean roses would be fine but again, that is like $100.00 on Valentines Day and what I really, really want on Valentines Day is a well put-out, well written heartfelt card. Daddy Brad: A card, oh, who would have like it? Julia: That’s it, I don’t want to gift, time and energy. Cathy: A gift is the time. Julia: Anybody can go, I will slap down the credit cards and run themselves into Victoria’s Secret which is really for them, to be perfectly honest. Cathy: It could be Hallmark but it needs to be filled with writing. Julia: Not just his name, kisses, kiss, kiss. I have cards for my husband that he gave me years ago, on days that I am really mad at him and – them and I pulled them out so it is like a little retard. Cathy: The thought always counts. If you aren’t comfortable writing at yourself, you might find someone else who has written poems or— Daddy Brad: Commission a poem. Cathy: You could commission it, you could look through a book of them and just copy one, I could not write it myself but this is how I feel. Julia: This sounds terribly cheesy but the sentiment is making Valentines Day every day and say I love you everyday. Daddy Brad: Remember, make Valentines Day everyday. Thanks ladies. Dear baby, your eyes shine bright, like stars at night, deep in the heart of Bradley. Oh it is good, it’s good, I’m going to get lucky tonight.