What To Tell A School-aged Child About A School Shooting
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Dr. Sherwood discusses school violence, and what should you tell your school-aged child about a school shooting


Host: What should I tell my school-age child about a school shooting? Dr. Hayley Sherwood: With a school age child after a school shooting, it is important to be honest, but be sure to keep information age-appropriate. Acknowledge that a very scary thing has happened. Let your child know the event was not their fault and that whatever he or she is feeling is okay. Whether it is fear, grief or not much at all. Offer your child opportunities to talk about the incident, perhaps by asking what do you think about the shooting? What are the kids in school saying about it? Or what did the teacher say? Reassure your child that something like that will probably never happen to him or her and that you will be here to keep him or her as safe as you can.