What to Learn from Angry Birds Malware
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Angry Bird Fans users are susceptible to malware by downloading the popular game from unofficial app stores.


(Image source: CNNMoney )   BY ALLYSON BROWN   ANCHOR JIM FLINK   Don’t download Angry Birds: Space from a third party site.That’s the warning after a malware attack infected some Android phone users over the weekend. Eweek explains your new game could come with Malware.   “Malware authors are using the popularity of the Angry Birds series of games as a way to infect the smartphones of users who download the exploit from unofficial Android app stores”   The dirty bird version of the game is fully functional. The malware works behind the scenes, so you may not have even know you downloaded a hacked version. But the Huffington Post says it becomes obvious soon enough .   “Once it’s infiltrated your device, it then begins downloading further malware onto your phone ...”   Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is the official app site for all Android phones.It has not been affected.But CNN reports experts say, there’s still reason to be cautious.   “Security experts say Android device owners should use the official Android Market … although there have been instances of malicious software showing up in that official venue, too.”   Once again, the open marketplace has come under heavy criticism. TechWeekEurope says , Android is -- in some cases -- too open.   “Android’s diverse and open marketplace – where developers can post their apps – and the platform’s growing market share made it an attractive target for cyber-criminals. It has almost half of the mobile operating system market, according to analysts.”   So how do you avoid all this headache and confusion?  GMA News Network says you need to know your phone ...   “ … behaviors may include strange charges to one's phone bill, unusual SMS or network activity, or application activities that launch when the device is locked.” “Only download apps from trusted sources, such as reputable app stores and download sites. Download a mobile security app for your phone that scans every app you download to ensure it’s safe”   Unfortunately … there is no remedy for those who’ve already downloaded the hacked game. Gizmodo says if you aren’t sure your version is legit, you should probably go ahead and just clean house.   “If you've already downloaded Angry Birds Space … consider securely wiping your phone once you've backed up important data.”