What to Expect During Pregnancy
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The Pregnancy Show Presents: A panel discussion - Learn what to Expect During Pregnancy.


Melanie Raposo: Hi! Everybody, welcome to the pregnancy show I'm Melanie Raposo. On today's panel discussion the moms give you the truth about what you really expect during your pregnancy. There is no holding back is they talk about the good the bad and sometimes not so pretty thing is that you should expect when you are pregnant. Of all the women again on the side they're all always talking about what I'm going to expect when I'm pregnant, and everybody is experience is different right? And you can't really say this is going to happen to you, but it's nice to hear from different mom's kind of what you went through, so I'm just curios what was your experience like when you're pregnant. Was there any misconception that you both told the things would happen in the dead end or what can you offer to women say you know expect to this happen or something like that or tell me your experience you guys want to share. Female Speaker: I never -- in sickness and never throughout, but everything also could go wrong, went wrong I developed frustration diabetes and thyroid problems. and I had I'm a first trimester and ask much of the third trimester that I went through, then I went to premature labor and didn't expect that if that happen and even finish the baby book that I was reading. We're labor just nothing prepare need for what I went through and what's then interesting to me is when I found out that I wasn't a wearied against just again in terms of premature labor now a days like that hospital that high risk floor was full, women who are going to premature labor and other like problems and you don't expect your problems when if you are pregnant I guess like it choose I guess in terms privies I'm know like I guess the more moms you get talk to read, read, read and you don't were do I gets you know you want to scaring moms or Female Speaker 1: I got it. Female Speaker: But for me I've no idea that this going to even happen so just reading like books and said oh, you know your -- gets in the way and what to expect and there were more I guess positive references to pregnancy and I didn't get to read as much about what could go wrong. Female Speaker 1: Right. Female Speaker 2: And I couldn't read that but in another book. Female Speaker 3: I got what turns expect when you're pregnant when you're expecting form a friend -- the first part gone to the last -- I said in special circumstances I think I read and I had the most normal boy in pregnancy both time go to that book read the first page passed out that on the floor and just have to put the book away. It's is I thought that it happens to me the trained medical professionals who would deal with it and they'll just do what they need to do and I'll just lie that because read that they just told but I mean I was very lucky and that I had two normal boring I mean fabulous, but very boring pregnancy didn't you know nothing exiting happen ready it's up -- Melanie Raposo: Any one else -- Female Speaker 3: I read and I had in my I was premature so I had my moms stories about that I had friends that had baby and I heard all these different poor stories because my sister and I just had a premature baby at 32 weeks. And so I was really, really lucky because I spend on this home burse, water birth and I was lucky enough to get it, I have lovely midwifes and I had at home under water and I was a lot longer than expected because my mom had this really short labor with me thirty minutes I believe, yeah, and you know whenever see saw in TV all those women's screaming it's not like that, well I was in labor for fifty hours. I was screaming at the end of it, I was in so much pain never even took an aspirin. Female Speaker 1: Good for you. Female Speaker 3: But I was at home and I didn't have the choice like I was at the point I wouldn't take an epidural, but as at home it's not like they can do it that and I'm glad I did it was perfect, it was lovely, everybody was healthy, but I wasn't prepare for the length of time. It was a long labor and it was hard, but also you know I had morning sickness, I had wicked morning sickness, but week 14 like light went off and from then on in I didn't either really feel pregnant until I could feel they are moving. Melanie Raposo: Really. Female Speaker 3: Yeah, and then once I thought they are moving it was like didn't even believe it until there was actually baby coming out did I actually to believe it, I know women oh, I knew from the minute I can see that was me -- and people said they can feel their bodies 20 minutes later. Female Speaker 4: I mean not 20 minutes later, but I you know I certainly feel things I even had this feeling that it was a boy at the whole time, I -- they said it was a boy and you know technician expected my husband --