What to Do with the Kids This Holiday Break
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Let them become a superhero for the day at Toronto's Ontario Science Centre's Marvel Exhibition. Here they learn the science behind superhuman strength.


Speaker: I am Iron Man, watch me. Speaker: Lizzie, careful lean back. Speaker: Watch, I grab these handles and just like Iron Man, I could lift this car. Speaker: I am Spiderman, watch this. Speaker: I am actually Spider man. Well I can climb Speaker: No, I will. Speaker: Imagine, swinging on a spider silk. Speaker: Do you think we can break this rope? Sean Lee-Ying: Yes, but only if all of you together weigh 3200 pounds. Speaker: Wow! Speaker: I am incredible Hulk. Watch me get angry and gain my power. Speaker: Hit that little red dot, it is the amygdala. You think it's going to go crazy? Speaker: Probably. Speaker: This is Bruce Banner's brain. If we hit the red spot, the amygdala triggers our temper. Speaker: Let them go. Speaker: Hey I am Benson. Watch this.