What To Avoid When Choosing Gifts For Friends Or Relatives
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Nancy R. Mitchell gives us some protocol and etiquette advice on gift giving, such as what should you avoid when selecting gifts for friends or relatives


What should I avoid when selecting gifts for friends or relatives? Avoid generic gifts whenever you can. I’m no saying there’s anything wrong with them. But there are a times when somebody know you very, very well and when you give that close friend a gift card or subscription to a magazine, it’s not really going to go over very well. They are going to think that it as a last minute thought. They are going to think it’s something you had on hand. So you have to consider the relationship you have with someone and choose accordingly. Try as best you can to have the gift fit the interests of the person. It’s going to and have it reflect your relationship to that person. Are you casual acquaintances? Are you very, very close relationships? Are they boyfriend or a girlfriend? Are they a relative? When you’re selecting a gift for someone who has everything, remember the old phrase, “for the person who has everything.” It’s a little bit more difficult. Then you need to be creative in some of this other things can come in to a count; a donation, a handmade gift. Baked goodies are a wonderful gift for people anytime of the year or think about giving the gift of your time. Can you pet sit for someone? Can you baby sit for them? Can you give them some help when they’re re-finishing their basement? Can you drive them to a medical appointment? There’s so, many gifts that people cannot put in a box and wrap up that are heartfelt, sincere, ad so appreciated. It’s the gift in your time in your friendship.