What Social Networking Sites Do you Use
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GetConnected TV gives you up to date tech news and reviews on products to help you at home and in the office,this video will focus on what social networking sites people use.


Lindsay Smith: I’m Lindsay Smith and I’m out on the streets. We’re all using social networking sites daily but let’s find out who’s using them for business. Male 1: Facebook. Lindsay Smith: Do you ever use them for business? Male 1: No, no I don’t think people did. Lindsay Smith: They do. Male 1: Really? Oh God! Male 2: I think the only social networking site that I know of and that I would use is a Agoracom. Female 1: LinkedIn creates every business, that’s where I find a lot of my contacts that I work with. Male 3: No, I try not to because I don’t really actually believe in social networking sites as being social. Female 2: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter. Lindsay Smith: Do you ever use it for business? Female 2: Yes because in the advertising agency so— Male 4: I’ve got my name out there and so I don’t need to have it more so it’s just managing what’s out there about. Female 3: We actually work online so we build applications, Facebook applications. Male 5: Facebook, My Space. Lindsay Smith: Do you ever use them for business? Male 6: LinkedIn. Male 7: As for the big guys like Facebook and whomever else, they’re not alight go for business.