What Parents Learn at Childbirth Classes
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Dr. Reitzel discusses what parents-to-be will learn when attending childbirth classes.


What Parents Learn at Childbirth Classes You can learn so much from a childbirthing class. I have two children of my own. I went through the childbirthing class and being a physician I was shocked at how much I learned. Of course doctors, we know everything and you know what could you possibly teach me? From a male perspective, it allowed me to see what women think in the sense of the pressures that they feel, some sensations that they are going to experience that I wasn’t even aware of. Even being a physician, trying to be in tune with that in my area of expertise is high risk obstetrics, there were still things that I learned along the way. You learn coping mechanisms. You learn what is an emergency and what’s not an emergency. Basic things that you sit there and you say, jees, that’s obvious. Well it’s obvious if you have been told but you may not think to wear your seatbelt in a car or if you are having premature contractions to lay on your left side and have a bottle of water. These things that, unless you have experienced it before or have had somebody explain that to you, there’s no way to know. So as a consequence I fully recommend, even the healthcare professionals who think that they know it all, I can almost promise you, you are going to learn something from a childbirth class.