What Not To Choose As A Baby Gift
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Nancy R. Mitchell gives us some protocol and etiquette advice on gift giving, such as if there're taboos in selecting a baby gift


Host: Are there taboos in selecting a baby gift? Nancy Mitchell: If you are selecting the gift before the couple knows if they are having a boy or girl. One taboo would be to select something that is strictly for a girl strictly pink or vice versa something that strictly for a boy. Other than that I do not think that there are taboos. I think you can be creative, you can ask questions. Let s say you can ask the hostess for the bridal shower, you can ask the parents on either side. You can ask the couple themselves. You would say to them especially, if they are having a second or a third child, you might say I would love to get you something to celebrate the new baby. Please tell me what you need. There is nothing wrong with asking.