What Not to Buy for a New Baby
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The Pregnancy Show Presents: A panel discussion - Learn What Not to Buy for Your Baby


Female Speaker: You guys every year -- Female Speaker: For the baby, oh yeah. Female Speaker: I don't know if this is outdated or not, but like a diaper genie type thing do those help. Female Speaker: They don't work. Female Speaker: They don't work? Female Speaker: Don't work. Female Speaker: I heard a lot about those, so I was ensure that. Female Speaker: Well no, they are okay. Female Speaker: But then I had one when my youngest daughter was born. Female Speaker: I tried, yeah. Female Speaker: And after about going through one full cycle, you are like, okay, you know what -- Female Speaker: Because the only thing is - you have to buy the refill. I used mine, until-because I was given one and I was given with two or three refills. So I used them as long as I have the refills and then when the refills are gone and you are looking, I have to pay back for trash bags and they stain the room. So all it made me do was to keep, what was it -- something like 30 dirty newborn nappies, with, you know what inside, in the bedroom, and it just didn't worked. So I just started just taking it out everyday. Female Speaker: It's easier to say what didn't you find useful. I hated change tables, I thought change tables were the biggest waste of time ever. Female Speaker: Really? Female Speaker: And baby bathtubs. So those were my two, like I was just like -- I have no use for either of these two. Female Speaker: Why is that kind of? Female Speaker: Change tables because you just change baby wherever I have to. I have a change pad, I change him on the couch, I change him on the floor, I change him on my bed, in the car wherever you have to change the baby. Female Speaker: So do you actually have a change pad or you just use whatever a blanket? Female Speaker: A blanket, a receiving blanket, whatever happens to be available at that time. Female Speaker: I had a cute little change pad that folded up, you had wipes in one side, diapers in the other, fold it and it was like-you could wipe it, it was plastic. I found that quite useful. Female Speaker: Yeah, I have actually used those two. Female Speaker: Actually anything handy that you can take with you, was always useful. Female Speaker: Yeah, right. Female Speaker: I know people that have this beautiful house in Oakville and they had the nursery upstairs that had the change table and everything and after like the first day -- the first day, it as like, I am going to bring the baby upstairs every time I have to change, because they have to be changed in every 10 minutes. Female Speaker: Right, well maybe every hour, but it feels like every 10 minutes. Female Speaker: Well, when they are this age. Female Speaker: Oh yeah, yeah. Female Speaker: And they are newborn, you know. Female Speaker: No and the change table is always- Female Speaker: And then once they can move. Female Speaker: All they do is you know stacking everything on top of the baby, it's more- Female Speaker: And once they can actually rollover, even if you are right there by the change table, as you just bend down to get something, they can just roll off. So for me it was just changing her on the floor, it's the safest, it is the safest. Female Speaker: And you said the baby bathtubs, you don't like those? Female Speaker: Yeah, I always bathe with all my children. Female Speaker: Yeah. Female Speaker: All my children had bath from the day they were born, they bath with me. Female Speaker: You just get in the tub and -- Female Speaker: Yeah. Female Speaker: It's a lot safer. Female Speaker: Breastfeeding in the water is awesome. Babies, newborn babies, love nursing in the bath, they just float, you just hold them, let them nurse and let them float and they are just like -- Female Speaker: It's relaxing. Female Speaker: Really. Female Speaker: The cholic, if you have a baby who has done a lot of cholic pains, it solves it, although it won't solve it, but it eases it for that time. I have taken all my kids into the tub and it just quiets them right down. Female Speaker: It's a lot safer also. Female Speaker: She has fallen asleep, my daughter has fallen asleep while nursing in the tub too, and you know what we were both there, I am holding her, the water is not deep, just enough to keep her warm and she has fallen asleep and hey why not I am there anyway. So -- Female Speaker: Yeah might as well. Female Speaker: Yeah. Female Speaker: I find those baby bathtubs, that's too is, it's hard to maneuver and everything. It's much safer for you to be in the bathroom with them. Female Speaker: Right. Female Speaker: Yeah, absolutely. Female Speaker: Well that's it for us today, join us the next time when we give some tips on how you can be a mompreneur yourself.