What Makes a Great Babysitter
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We ask what makes a babysitter great to our panel of expert parents and members of our non-studio bar audience. Watch as a collective portrait of the ideal babysitter emerges from a smallish tavern in Austin.


Daddy Clay: Welcome back to the DadLab lounge brought to you today by sittercity.com, babysitter, check it out I am Daddy Clay. Daddy Brad: And I am Daddy Brad. We are here today in the tiniest bar in Texas and beautiful downtown Houston and a great group of air to simple here they all have baby sitters, we are going to ask them a couple of questions. Daddy Clay: That is right this is the show where we ask our panelist and parents and our audience, questions about parenting today. Today’s question is. Daddy Brad: What makes a great baby sitter? Male 1: No curfew. Male 2: Life said that we are now had have a babysitter. Female: Grandparents because you pay them a cheap white wine. Daddy Brad: Male or female preference? Male 3: No Male 4: Female. Male 5: I will do a man. Male 6: The gay boy. Might health if she, she is done it before baby sitter. Daddy Clay: Really, why a gay boy? Male 6: Well, did you see they did not take interest to my daughter. Female 2: Our best baby sitter was a lady called Mrs. Doit a woman would make you to put on the policeman’s helmet everyday. Male 7: She taught you or and the better yes. Daddy Clay: Wonder if a woman’s getting you like hang up with babies you know what I mean. Female 3: Lady Vamusa. Daddy Brad: And lady mommy’s. Male 8: I--we --I can never go out. Male 9: When I work from home my mom stays on me up to seven to eight hours to see and let us space something. They should be paying us Male 10: We should have a cover charge. Male 11: Back chat too it little swirly Chinese thing on there and what is that mean? You are always saying and my dad mention bugsy. Daddy Clay: Wow! We are out beer which must mean that it is the end of our lounge we want to thank our sponsors sittercity.com. If you want party check it out. Daddy Brad: And if you are in Houston Texas in February 7, come on back down in the Tiniest Bar in Texas and join us for we are doing our drinking and answer thing. Daddy Clay: Taping an episode. Daddy Brad: Taping an episode. Daddy Clay; Have on lounge come on down.