What is Windows Activation
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When you get a new computer or install a new copy of Windows on your computer, Windows prompts you to "activate" it. You have 30 days in which to activate Windows. Fine... but what is activation and what does it do?


Hi, this is Mike Callahan, Dr. File Finder and welcome to your butterscotch.com tutorial on what is Windows “Activation”. Now, you know when you get a new computer or install a new copy of Windows on a hard drive in a computer that once it’s installed, you’re prompted to activate Windows and you have 30 days in which to do this in order to use all of the Windows features. Now, Windows activation is a way to prevent software piracy by making sure that copies of Windows are legitimate and that they’re not installed more times than they should be on a computer. When you activate Windows, the activation process gathers information only about your hardware. It’s never used to contact you or send you emails. It’s simply scanning your hardware and then activating your copy of Windows, your new copy with Microsoft. Now, in many cases, you’ll never have to activate your copy of Windows again unless you make major upgrades to your system like adding a larger hard drive, adding more RAM. We can click here. I’m activating Windows. This might take a few minutes. It’s gathering some information about my system, how much RAM I have. And you see it was that quick. The activation was successful. It helps verify my copy of Windows is genuine. I’m eligible to receive all available updates and product support from Microsoft. I click close and I’m done. My copy of Windows is activated. So it’s really very simple and it’s primarily a method to prevent misuse of copies of Windows. That’s Windows activation and that’s all there is to it.