What is a Birth Plan
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In this video we discuss what is a birth plan.


What is a Birth Plan? Hi, welcome to Mommy Matters. I'm Shannon with babyssentials.com here to talk to you today about what is a birth plan. Every couple that’s expecting a baby is going to put some thought into how they imagine this kind of going down. You’ve seen TV. You’ve heard your girlfriend stories for good or for bad and you want to sit down and take some real time and thought into how you hope that this birth is going to happen. You may have strong feelings on it. You may not even know what factors to consider. So, sit down with your partner, talk about things like if you expect to use an epidural. Where do you expect to deliver? Who’s going to be involved? You may choose a birth center. You may choose a hospital. You may want your mother in the room. You may want no one in the room. All of these things are things to consider and you might actually want to put them in writing. I know that some birth center is actually request that you put it in writing to ensure that you put the thought into the whole thing. Now, if you have doula, this is something that the doula will work with you on. You're going to sit down and kind of create point by point from beginning to end how you envision this process happening. All that said, you can’t actually predict it, so that the hopes and dreams kind of situation and then you have to like let things kind of flow how they flow. Remind yourself of what your ultimate goals are but if the expert says we’re going to go a different way, you have to know when to let go of your birth plan and follow what the expert opinion is. I hope this information was helpful. And for any more information on birth plan, visiting the hospital, just go to babyssentials.com. Thanks and have a great day.