What Happens if You Sleep with Your Makeup On
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We've all done it before: fallen asleep with our makeup on and wondered if it's really a problem. Dr. Schultz will explain what falling asleep with your makeup on really means for your skin.


Dr. Neal Schultz: Hello I'm Dr. Neal Schultz and welcome to Derm TV. Women ask me, what will happen if I don't take my make-up off before I go to sleep, and I'm happy to tell you the answer is, not much. I get the impression that women think terrible things will happen to their skin by not taking off their make-up, and the reality is, it's really not much of a problem. Think about it this way. What's the difference between wearing the make-up on your skin for the eight hours that you're sleeping as opposed to the 12 hours that you wear it when you get up in the morning at 8 and take it off when you get home at 8 at night, there's really not much of a difference, particularly if you sleep on your back. If you don't sleep on your back, and your face rubs against the pillow, there is a possibility you could get a little bit of clogging just from the rubbing of the make-up on the pillow. But the reality is not much is going to happen, so if you happen to forget to take off your make-up or you fall asleep and you take it off the next morning in the shower, it's no big deal. Sleep well and enjoy your day. Please join me again at drmtv.com. If you have a question please send me by visiting dermtv.com/question. I'm Dr. Neal Schultz and thank you for watching today.