What Exercises to Do Before Pregnancy
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Learn what exercises to do before pregnancy in this series of pregnancy videos with Dr. John Schmitt.


Host: What kind of exercises should a woman who wants to get pregnant do? Dr. John Schmitt: Exercise is fantastic for pregnancy and for health in general. In general, exercise in moderation the only women that really have problems with fertility and obtaining pregnancy have been women that are exercising to the extreme. Competitive runners, marathon runners, professional dancers and people that exercise to the point that decrease their body fat ratio so low that they don't ovulate with any regularity and it may indeed hurt fertility. So, moderate, good exercise is important for ones health in general in an anticipation of being pregnant. I would define that for people as 4-5 days a week good aerobic exercise for about 30 minutes a day, brisk walk, running, jogging, riding a bicycle, swimming, anything like that, that can complement that with muscle toning with weights or something to that effect.