What Dating Advice Would You Give
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The LoveFeed discusses Essence.com's article on what advice women would give to their younger self. What Dating Advice Would You Give.


If only I knew then what I know now, eye sight is 20/20 vision. Love is a benefit. Perspective, pet avatar isn’t the only one who has it. At Essence.com, use it to read as a chance to share theirs by asking them what advice they wish they could give their younger selves. Some of the advices are practical. Always, always, always, have protected sex and all S-E-X is S-E-X. Some isn’t brutally honest and funny. Don’t do it to him, or him, or him; him neither, and really not him. You’ll see them later I life and be like, “What in hell I was thinking?” and “I should have married for money, and not for love.” Some is poignant and inspiring like, “I will never give my heart to another man. I have been used and abused both physically and mentally. This has taught me to keep my confidence level very high because dealing with the wrong person could bring you down.” Many women wished they have paid more attention to in school or gone farther with their education. And an overwhelming amount, they wish they have been happier with their looks. Sound familiar anyone, everyone? As for me, I would tell myself that no one and I mean no one looks good in an over-sized me on sweater or less finger less gloves, or parachute pants. Just go in to this.