What are the differences between a single-sex and a coed college?
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What are the differences between a single-sex and a coed college?


Host: What are the differences between a single sex college and a co-ed college? Jerome Cole: I think the first and most obvious differences between the two institutions are, one the co-ed schools means that they have both men and women on campus versus a single sex school is going to have just one gender. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both. I would strongly encourage all students when they are looking at colleges to go into both. I think that in the college search process that you ought to go to see everything, my definition of everything, is you may sit at home and you may say to yourself, I am not small college kid in a rule of settings. So, that s all I want to look at. That would be a mistake. What you ought to do is, you are ought to look at small college setting in the city and you ought to look at the large school and you ought to look at the medium size school. You ought to give yourself that variety and at the same time you ought to go and look at that single sex school and you ought to look at the co-ed school. So, I know some students who come to me and say, you know what, I only want to go to a single sex school, that s where I am going to prosper, that s where I am going to be my best, that s fine. Let s go identify some appropriate school, let s go look at them, but don t look at co-ed school and I would say just the same just the opposite to a kid who came and said, I only want to look at a coed school, go and look at a single sex school because they are going to be things there that you are probably not going to be aware of that may or may not appeal to you but go just for the experience because ultimately when you sit down and make that final list of schools that you are going to apply to, that s the first step. Then the second step or final step is once you admitted and then you are going to decide, am I going to go to this school or that school? I have already been admitted. You want to know, you want to say to yourself with confidence, I have seen everything out there I went to a small schools, I went to the large school, I went to the medium size, I did single sex, I did co-ed and this is what s best for me and you can only do that if you go and experience that firsthand for yourself.