What about Prejudices in an Interracial or Intercultural Relationship Today
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Learn about prejudices in an interracial or intercultural relationship today in this video with relationship expert Gloria MacDonald.


Host: What about prejudices? Gloria MacDonald: Unfortunately, as I said there are still prejudices today and prejudices really come out of a fear of the unknown. So if someone doesn't know the other person's culture or religion or race, the prejudice comes out of being fearful of how that might change them, how that might affect them. What impact that other person might have on them and their society and what they are comfortable with. So it's a fear of the unknown and it's a fear of change and change of course, is moving towards something that's not known. So, well it is getting better. If you are thinking about getting involved in an intercultural, interracial relationship, be aware that whatever partner appears to be the minority will always be facing that or the two of you together will always be in some way shape or form and maybe at a very subliminal level be facing prejudices that are still existing today.