Wet - Welcome to the House of G Developer Diary
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Actress Eliza Dushku and Wet developers chronicle all the fun the gun-slinging Rubi has in the retro shooter WET.


Eliza Dushku: She could be as bad ass as she has to be, just pretty bad-ass. Male: There is someone who is white trash and has her tattoos and her guns and is not going to take—from anybody. Male: There’s a lot to say about Rubi and there’s a lot of mystery behind Rubi. Avi Winkler: Rubi Malone is a lone warrior, she’s a hired a gun, a fixer. She’s the go-to-girl when you have difficult situations that you need resolved. My name is Avi Winkler I’m Senior Game Designer. Rubi is inspired a lot from Clint Eastwood character from like the good, the bad and the ugly. You never really get a sense of why the character is doing what they do, but you’ll understand that it’s important to them and they’ll go to great lengths to complete their mission. I love the whole idea of an anti-hero, someone that you’re follow that he’s a good guy doing bad guy stuff, that’s exactly what Rubi is. Eliza Dushku: She’s tough and she’s confident, super athletic and she’s in to get the job done and she’s all business. Avi Winkler: When we met with Eliza Dushku it clicked right away. Eliza Dushku: The role felt tailored to me. Those are really good fit and it’s fun to all that nasty, dirty stuff and have no questions. Avi Winkler: Rubi is hired by a man to go and retrieve his son from some bad guys. There is a double-cross and this guy isn’t who he thinks he is. The world just opens up, things go from bad to worse and she’s going to get to the bottom of it. Who is this guy? Why did he do this to me and how am I going to make him pay for it? Eliza Dushku: The game spans three continents. Avi Winkler: It starts off with Rubi in San Francisco, China Town. From there we go to Rubi’s bone yard hideout in an abandoned World War II aircraft in the desert. Eliza Dushku: And then she’s in the UK and she’s in Hong Kong—she’s all over the map. Avi Winkler: Bad guys in the game are very colorful characters and fit well within that grind house style. Rupert Pelem is the main bad guy, he’s a drug lord. Malcolm McDowell—his voice is just so unique and memorable, and brought a threatening, menacing tone to his character. Go out and get ready to just kick some ass, that’s what the game is. Eliza Dushku: The release—it’s an expression and I don’t have to apologize.