WET - How To Get WET Featurette
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The developers of WET discuss the various inspirations behind the game and bring the voice of the game's protagonist Rubi, Eliza Dushku, along for the ride.


Male: Wet is a 1970’s Male: Action pact Eliza Dushku: Gruesome Male: Frantic Eliza Dushku: Shocking Male: Exhilarating Eliza Dushku: Exciting Male: Driving action Kung Fu Theater Spaghetti Western. Duppy Demetrius: Rubi is wet. Eliza Dushku: Really pretty second sexy and crazy equation you get it and you want more. I’m Eliza Dushku and I played Rubi. And the first time we got together we felt it. Male: Let’s rock and roll! Eliza Dushku: As it sort of started to get sicker deeper. But it was just really organic. Duppy Demetrius: From the beginning it was going to be a greedy seventies Tarantino film. My name is Duppy Demetrius. I am the writer of Wet. I come from a television writing background. I started on 24 on the second season. My intentions were Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson 70’s action movies. Patrick Fortier: In terms of reference you know we often talk about like Kill Bill. Could we replicate the energy and the rhythm of a fight like that? Ashraf Ismail: The aesthetic of the game is really this kind of grimy 70’s ass experience. It’s somewhere actions about it. Eliza Dushku: It has his unique Retro Film inspired, grainy look to it. Ashraf Ismail: You meet some really over the top characters and have some ridiculous dialogue, really fun sense of humor. Duppy Demetrius: The game is called Wet because it’s like derivative of wet works which means undercover missions that involve messiness, blood, getting your hands wet with blood. Male: That’s what Rubi is—a hitman, problem fixer. Duppy Demetrius: If the price is right, she will kill, slash, gun down anyone she needs to. Male: There are moments in the game were actually like she got some blood sprayed on her. It’s all very cheesy and funny and yet it’s not because the whole the game is about that ironic mix of violence and humor. Eliza Dushku: There this sort of wet and fun vibe which is making sense as well which sort of twisted. And that’s why everyone loves that Tarantino feel. Ashraf Ismail: Wet is an immersive grind house cinematic experience. It’s off beat and it’s fresh. It’s really fun well at last and it doesn’t try to be anything but its not. You get to be in 70’s, the movie exportation film and you get to make it as cool as possible. Eliza Dushku: It’s a twisted and — up ride!